Founded in 1938 and being the oldest of Seeley International’s brands, Braemar remains one of Australia’s most recognised and trusted brand names today.

At a time when Australians are faced with high living costs, there is plenty of debate when it comes to evaporative vs refrigerated air conditioning running costs. The reality is that one of the most significant benefits of evaporative air conditioning is that running costs are far lower than the refrigerated options.

Evaporative air conditioners use evaporation to help cool the air. Based on the principles of evaporation, hot and dry outside air is pumped through water-soaked cooling pads. As the air is pushed through the cooling pads, the water evaporates and the heat in the air is absorbed, which lowers the air temperature. A fan then pushes the cool air throughout a house via a network of ducts.

Coming with the smart & sophisticated controller the MagIQtouch controls your cooling needs from one smart touch screen controller. It’s incredibly intuitive and easy to operate. It’s discreet and modern design will blend seamlessly into the décor of your home.

ANNUAL SERVICING by our team at JMAC Airconditioning will ensure the unit continues to run at its peak efficiency and maintain low evaporative running costs. Evaporative cooling pads are popular replacement parts that are simple to remove and replace by a qualified trade person and their replacement helps optimise running efficiency and effectiveness.

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Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning.

Coolair Evaporative Air Conditioners are Australia’s greatest value for money home cooling system. The unique patented water distribution system means no clogging or dry spots on the filter pads providing exceptional water distribution, increasing the cooling effect. Known for its exceptional reliability, this system comes with a MagIQcool controller as standard, with an optional upgrade to a smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive MagIQtouch controller.

Investing in a premium evaporative air conditioning product will not only deliver lower running costs, but will also reduce energy network demands and lower the carbon footprint of a household as a result. The only power-consuming components of an evaporative cooler are the fan, electronic control and a small water pump. As a result, evaporative cooling running costs are low.

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