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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners are one of Australia's leading suppliers of premium residential & commercial air conditioning systems. Delivering engineering excellence for over 130 year, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand is instantly recognisable for both quality & technology advancements.

Standing behind the quality of our products, is our commitment to our customers & our sales service guarantees. Along with the rigorous quality assurance testing carried out on all Mitsubishi Heavy Industries products, comprehensive warranties provide you with a peace of mind & carry our commitment quality.


Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioning.

Coolair Evaporative Air Conditioners are Australia’s greatest value for money home cooling system. The unique patented water distribution system means no clogging or dry spots on the filter pads providing exceptional water distribution, increasing the cooling effect. Known for its exceptional reliability, this system comes with a MagIQcool controller as standard, with an optional upgrade to a smart, sophisticated and incredibly intuitive MagIQtouch controller.

Investing in a premium evaporative air conditioning product will not only deliver lower running costs, but will also reduce energy network demands and lower the carbon footprint of a household as a result. The only power-consuming components of an evaporative cooler are the fan, electronic control and a small water pump. As a result, evaporative cooling running costs are low.


Affordable Range of Heating and Cooling Solutions.

Carrier Air Conditioners are energy efficient, with a powerful operation for rapid heating and cooling and precise temperature control. Covering Hi-Walls, Ducted units and Multi-Split, all are high performing as well as highly reliable.

Carrier supply a range of inverter reverse cycle split systems and inverter ducted systems, for residential premises and businesses. No matter your environment, we will provide you with an effective and affordable air conditioning solution.


Control the climate on any budget.

Just ask Smart Alec!

The iZone climate control system is highly affordable, efficient and effective. It’s far superior to most other systems and as Smart Alec says, “it’s about outsmarting not outspending.”

iZone technology makes life better for you. How cool is that? It wireless, adjusts temperature, air distribution and airflow to any room in your house from anywhere, anytime.

iZone gives you total temperature control of each room individually. With up to 14 zones, every room can be at the temperature you want, all the time. iZone climate control systems are fully scalable, which means you can afford it on almost any budget.

You can control your air conditioning system via your smart phone or tablet. iZone gives you greater control from anywhere anytime for even greater efficiency and savings.

Now the whole family can come home to the perfect temperature. Just ask Smart Alec!


Built entirely in Australia to with stand the harsh climate.

For more than 50 years Braemar has been providing Australian families with the world’s best, most energy efficient cooling products and has cemented itself as a trusted and innovative Australian brand. Coming with the smart & sophisticated MagiIQtouch controller.

Built from the highest quality material & engineering to provide many efficient, economical, trouble free years of cooling.

Braemar offers fresh, healthy air with whole home cooling it has incredibly low running costs, with whisper quite cooling fan.


60 Years of Air Conditioning Expertise.

Panasonic Air Conditioning has grown to become a globally recognised and celebrated brand. Driven by an endless quest for innovation, Panasonic Air Conditioning delivers unmatched quality and reliability with a wealth of experience achieving superior comfort in both residential and commercial applications.

Panasonic systems offer complete climate control for your home or commercial premises. With an operating range from a freezing -20°C outside to a boiling 46°C. So you can be sure the system has the capability’s to deliver your cooling or heating needs.

Panasonic is uncompromising in product quality, durability, reliability and safety. We lead the market in many of the most extreme climates in the world for a good reason. Our products are engineered to provide uninterrupted cooling or heating when you need it most.

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