60 Years of Air Conditioning Expertise.

Panasonic Air Conditioning has grown to become a globally recognised and celebrated brand. Driven by an endless quest for innovation, Panasonic Air Conditioning delivers unmatched quality and reliability with a wealth of experience achieving superior comfort in both residential and commercial applications.

Panasonic systems offer complete climate control for your home or commercial premises. With an operating range from a freezing -20°C outside to a boiling 46°C. So you can be sure the system has the capability’s to deliver your cooling or heating needs.

Panasonic is uncompromising in product quality, durability, reliability and safety. We lead the market in many of the most extreme climates in the world for a good reason. Our products are engineered to provide uninterrupted cooling or heating when you need it most.

Your Air Conditioning Specialist

Specialising in Domestic, Commercial & Industrial air conditioning installation & servicing throughout Perth & Western Australia.